Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Stray's Journal: To the Headless Unicorn

Entry to the grayness of the world.

After securing the required information from our contact post the brutal battle on the docks of Erlg we made out way to the town of Bloodhold. Our next contact, one who should have action orders, was there.

Turns out it is the house bard of a place called the Headless Unicorn. We were to place a specific coin (given to us in Erlg) with an arrow on it pointing towards the exit. That would symbol that man who we are.

The proprietor of the Headless Unicorn is a lovely, dark, and likely dangerous woman named Renee DeLear. I suspect she is very involved with far more than running an inn.

Our contact turned out to be a skilled entertainer called Neoveilius Orsino. We met with him in a private room and he gave us a scroll with our next orders. Interestingly, he did not have any information on what they were, and seemed to not want to know. This seems wise.

We are to locate a man and his family that is on his way through Bloodhold, to claim rights on a piece of property outside Darkwatch. This man is a minor ‘noble’ from the Malakar Dominion. Lord Grover Borsch (of House Borsch). This house is apparently of some influence in the Dominion, being responsible for training of some valued soldiers in their armies. We believe this man to be of a rather minor importance to this House. Which is good, as we’re to make sure he and his family never actually arrive in their destination, then take their place in Darkwatch by laying claim to the property. Lord Borsch and his family and entourage are supposed to arrive in Bloodhold within the next few days. Once we settle into this property we are to use what resources we have to ingratiate ourselves into the local power structure, to gain their confidence.

We went to scout the road north in search of a good ambush position, which was located. We decided to watch for the man and make our decisions then. Some of us decided to take measure of the man in person.

So a few of us went to dinner, stuck to ourselves for a while, and observed. Lord Borsch had his wife and two young children with. He was what I expected, a man more full of himself than he should be, trying real hard to make sure everyone knew how important he was while not showing how actually insecure he is. His seneschal was an annoying twit who wore a set of atrocious purple pantaloons. I’ll be sure to have Morg smash him with that huge mace when the time comes. He has a number of guards that seemed capable. His entourage had 8 guards in total, I believe.

Eventually we greeted the man. He was polite and more open than I thought he would (or should!) be (fortunate for us!). Seems he has the documents with him to make claim to this property. My take was that he had no other real solid options in the plans of his House so was sent here to try and become important. I doubt he will be missed for some time.

We left Bloodhold after the meal, to ride north and ready the ambush, Lord Borsch was planning to be on the road the next morning. I know some of the group have reservations about how to deal with the man’s children. We shall see how things unfold.



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