Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 5
The things that come out of other peoples mouths!

Been long time me not write in book, so me write today. Lot of stuff happen since me last write. We win big fight at Docks then go far north to Bloodhold in Shayn’naor. We go to inn of headless horse to meet other black light so he can tell us what orders are. Morg depressed on long trip it rain allot make Morg unhappy.

When we get to Bloodhold Morg cant go in building it too small. So Morg stay in stables. All horses in there still have heads so that is good. Human and others go into inn and meet black light singer and get orders from him. They come out to stables and talk to Morg say we have to kills people from other land coming here and then claim their property.

Morg want to know more about people we suppose to kill. What if they good people. Human assure Morg that they not good. Morg believe human but then they start talking about what we do with their kids. Morg put foot down! Morg not kill kids, not like idea that we kill kids parents either. Morg think we can reason with parents get them to surrender maybe turn over to black lights. Company agree we try that and Morg a bit happier.

Few days later Morg and Kitty go find ambush spot and set trees to fall on road to stop horses. Kitty pick out trees and Morg break them… Kitty fun to travel with she talk allot but at night Morg wish she stop making mess at camp, sound like choking horse and mess smell bad! Have to move camp every night. Ogre have saying: No shit where sleep. But this come out of Kitty mouth, hrm never seen kitty shit out of backside maybe kitty shit out of mouth? Poor Kitty! Me tell her Ogre saying next time we make camp.

Day go by and we make plan then wait for rest to join us. We camp for day and Human come back with Can and tell us they have dinner with family and they come this way soon. Morg think it good manners to have last meal with victim. Human has much honor!

Hours later we see big coach with wagons behind it coming up road. Human say dis them! We waits until just before at tree then BLAM! Tree drop in front of road! Horses rear up and Morg step out of woods and say: Dis is a robbery step out of coach and throw weapons on ground. Of course they not listen to Morg so me go and kill three guards while Human and Kitty play with the others.

Unfortunatly parents not listen and not impressed with Morg smashing their guards and they come out with weapons and attack. Man in funny purple pants cast spell at Morg make me feel weird so me smash him next. No sign of kids they hide in wagon. Morg fight their father for little while try and show him dat him cant win but he is stubborn. Morg call for surrender and him keep hacking away at Morg. Morg not happy dis not go way Morg want it too.

Morg glance over at Can for help and have to laugh as woman is chasing him around with dagger. Can look very afraid with wild noble woman running behind him with little knife! Can see Morg chuckle and him turn around with bad look on face and suddenly woman fall down with blood come out of ears! Morg know she dead and it hurt Morg. Morg turn back to father and ask one more time but him is mad that wife is dead and Morg knows he has to kill him now too.

Morg not well. Feel like Morg do bad thing. We bury dem all in grave off side of the road. While human talk to slave girl. Slave girl smile allot at human, Morg thing she like Human. While Morg bury bodies Human come talk to Morg and say him and Can going to go to town with others to get papers worked out, figure out what to do with slaves and kids and new identities. Human leave Kitty and Morg behind with kids and slaves until him send for us.

Have kids, slaves and wagons. We move off road and make camp. Morg feel little better today. People we kill were slavers, slavers are bad people. One ex slave is large Ogre. Morg talk to him and he want to join up with Morg. Morg talk to him about taking rest of ex slaves and kids to Trollkeep. Black Lights have base there and many Goblinoids call it home. Morg not talk about black lights tho yet. Will let human do that. Going to be long wait me thinks, Human take ex slave girl with him and she now his pretend wife… she not look like it pretend though.

Ah well nothing to do but wait… hope Kitty not scare kids too much tonight… wonder if any other peoples crap out of mouth?

Stray's Journal: To the Headless Unicorn
Entry to the grayness of the world.

After securing the required information from our contact post the brutal battle on the docks of Erlg we made out way to the town of Bloodhold. Our next contact, one who should have action orders, was there.

Turns out it is the house bard of a place called the Headless Unicorn. We were to place a specific coin (given to us in Erlg) with an arrow on it pointing towards the exit. That would symbol that man who we are.

The proprietor of the Headless Unicorn is a lovely, dark, and likely dangerous woman named Renee DeLear. I suspect she is very involved with far more than running an inn.

Our contact turned out to be a skilled entertainer called Neoveilius Orsino. We met with him in a private room and he gave us a scroll with our next orders. Interestingly, he did not have any information on what they were, and seemed to not want to know. This seems wise.

We are to locate a man and his family that is on his way through Bloodhold, to claim rights on a piece of property outside Darkwatch. This man is a minor ‘noble’ from the Malakar Dominion. Lord Grover Borsch (of House Borsch). This house is apparently of some influence in the Dominion, being responsible for training of some valued soldiers in their armies. We believe this man to be of a rather minor importance to this House. Which is good, as we’re to make sure he and his family never actually arrive in their destination, then take their place in Darkwatch by laying claim to the property. Lord Borsch and his family and entourage are supposed to arrive in Bloodhold within the next few days. Once we settle into this property we are to use what resources we have to ingratiate ourselves into the local power structure, to gain their confidence.

We went to scout the road north in search of a good ambush position, which was located. We decided to watch for the man and make our decisions then. Some of us decided to take measure of the man in person.

So a few of us went to dinner, stuck to ourselves for a while, and observed. Lord Borsch had his wife and two young children with. He was what I expected, a man more full of himself than he should be, trying real hard to make sure everyone knew how important he was while not showing how actually insecure he is. His seneschal was an annoying twit who wore a set of atrocious purple pantaloons. I’ll be sure to have Morg smash him with that huge mace when the time comes. He has a number of guards that seemed capable. His entourage had 8 guards in total, I believe.

Eventually we greeted the man. He was polite and more open than I thought he would (or should!) be (fortunate for us!). Seems he has the documents with him to make claim to this property. My take was that he had no other real solid options in the plans of his House so was sent here to try and become important. I doubt he will be missed for some time.

We left Bloodhold after the meal, to ride north and ready the ambush, Lord Borsch was planning to be on the road the next morning. I know some of the group have reservations about how to deal with the man’s children. We shall see how things unfold.

Nijova's Journal: 1st Entry

The ride on this holey boat is making me sick. Maybe it’s the thought of all that water splashing underneath the rotten wood or the smell of my companions in too close quarters. They could bathe at least once in a while – especially Morg. Though, to be fair, I don’t know that he’s ever bathed. Being rained on doesn’t count. Still, while they all could be a little cleaner, I rather like them. Though, I have to make sure the big one doesn’t see me reading his journal again – that hurt. Maybe if I took it when he wasn’t looking, or I got one of the others to peek for me, I can’t stand not knowing. Even if he’s writing about how much he hates getting rained on. It isn’t like I enjoy being rained on. I also hate snow but I don’t complain about it constantly. I also don’t like grease, that stuff never comes out of my fur easily.

Anyway, back to writing in this boring journal about boring stuff that is sometimes not so boring. So, the leaking boat floated us down the river and right before we were supposed to get back to wonderful, musty land, we see a ton of nasties on the docks beating and eating people. Personally, humans don’t taste that great, they eat too much junk instead of healthy raw meat, but there is no accounting for taste.

Morg jumps off the boat and charges the biggest thing, grunting and sweating as he does so, getting more and more dirty; now he REALLY needs a bath. I know they don’t lick themselves clean like I do (which, I don’t understand why other races don’t) but instead use clothing and whatnot. Maybe I should leave a gift of soap and a bucket with a clean rag for them to use? Eventually, I think the smell receptors in my nose will burn out but I’d like to put that off for as long as possible.

I saw how much trouble all my companions were in and like hell was I going to let them have all the fun by themselves. However, the river was out to kill me so instead of jumping into like everyone else, I just ran down one of the oars and leapt onto the docks. I know everyone was terribly impressed but far too busy to say so. I’m sure they will tell me all about it once things quiet down. I might even let one of them rub me behind my ears as a reward. I don’t know that any of them have earned the privilege of being allowed to rub my belly.

The goblin things weren’t fighting fair and Morg was getting swarmed. They were like fleas, biting and stabbing and he couldn’t itch them, so naturally, I ran to rescue him. I strutted right up there and made the loudest screech I could muster, making everyone stop to wonder at my splendor. The one fellow who got me the WONDERFUL grass waived his hands at Morg, making his wounds close. I think. It was sorta busy and I was basking in everyone’s attention, so maybe it wasn’t that guy. Maybe it was the other one? Morg had the smarts to use this time to smash the other big guy right in the nose, spraying blood everywhere. It was great! The big one fell down dead and all the other annoying fleas ran away.

Then, once everything calmed down, it was more blah, blah, blah, I’m so boring, I’m going to talk too much now, and other stuff. They didn’t even let me wear the pretty green scarf or have the cool coin to play with.

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 4
Massacre on Erlg's docks!!!

When Kitty come back to boat and tells us what she see up at Erlg, Human decide that we go up river and dock boat and try and help the gatherers of Erlg. So as boat comes up to dock we sees many hobgoblins (Orcs effected by Darkness! You would think we call them Hoborc but no…) being lead by big Hobgoblin chieftain me recognize as Urzunagra of Heart Fang Clan from the Irdok Shadow Gatherers. He very powerful warrior! Dis not good they come for raid here. Try to take others away to darkness Morg decide dat Urzunagra must die!

Morg jump off boat and charge up da river bank at Urzunagra! Hobgoblin get in way so Morg smash it! HAHAHA! Kitty very agile and run down oar to river bank and fight hobgoblins while Can, Hal and Law jump off boat and cast spells at Chieftain and hogoblins! Fight very messy lots of hobgoblins come with Urzunagra to fight Erlg! Many members of Elrg gatherers hurt or dead but they fight with us! Morg and Urzunagra fight in center and while Urzunagra powerful Chieftain, Morg not think him as tough as Morg! Morg think fight pretty even but too many hobgoblin start to get through Morg’s defenses! Morg Hurt bad and spells not hurt Urzunagra when finally Kitty stop playing with hobgoblin and kill it and come up behind Morg and let out loud screech! Hurt everyone ears!!! Fight stop everyone stare at kitty… then Hal cast spell on Morg and suddenly Morg feel better so me smash Urzunagra in face with mace! HAHAHA!

Fight start again and then out of da boat leaps HUMAN!!! um Morg mean Strey!!! (Where the hell him been??) Human run up bank and flank Chieftain with Kitty and Human stab Chieften in chest and him fall to his knees dead! When Chieftain die Hobgoblins run but many die! Morg and human save Erlg!!! Human then pull out lady’s green scarf and other human come over and they talk for a bit. We then go talk to Erlg Chieftain and get directions to next city Bloodhold. Not been there before human learn that we need go to Inn called Headless Unicorn. Once we go in we get to listen to bard sing two songs then walk up to him say nothing put special coin with arrow on it on floor with arrow pointing at exit.

Not sure what gonna happen then… but cant wait to find out!

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 3
Hey Sailor, Wanna buy a green scarf?

Finally we leave! Me say Gos’hitaal to etcher’s knot the foul city of rain. Lady give us big wagon and horses. Why Morg not get horse, not seem fair Morg have to walk all da time…Morg no get tent, have to sit under tarp cause no fit in tent…Morg not get to carry green scarf from pretty lady…everyone get to do what they want but Morg.

Box with pretty woman um… man inside big wagon with lots of crates. Many crates empty some have weapons. As we go to river city Rhion, Hal keep going out into woods and gather stink weed to put in crates, Morg like idea make wagon smell bad no one want look inside!

Morg feel bad for Kitty, Morg not meant for her to land on nose when she try read over Morg shoulder. Kitty go in back of wagon and roll around in stink weed get it all over da place. Her smell bad kitty now. She need bath when we get to river.

Morg not sure why we not take pretty man out of box and smash into little pieces and feed to fishes. Him not come back from dat. Maybe make fish sick? Morg not know. Seem like better plan then go up river and wave lady’s scarf around town until someone talk to us.

It smell like lady and is green… human carry it with him. Morg not been to Erlg before hear it nice place, have good spot on river for fish and drink. Morg like fish and drink, like boat too.

We travel west for days on road and come across farmer. Farmer tell us lies about people disappear and much smoke and fire from raids from north. Human deside we not help farmer we have important things to do not fall for farmer’s lies.

Always humans lie about goblinesh. Says we bad…they point at me and say why you got that thing with you. Humans always not happy to see Morg unless Morg have chains or fight in pit. They afraid of Morg and Morg not do anything. Human have fun plan! Have Morg tell next human we meet i gonna eat him see if him speak Goblinish. Not sure what Morg do after that… If he does i guess Morg gota eat him?

More Morg meet humans more Morg not like humans. Morg think they bad ones but Human good and rangers good too so maybe Morg wrong. Today we get to Rhion city on river and go right to boats. Human named Can do talking with boat man. Once again boat man point at Morg and talk bad about goblinish. But Morg be quiet and soon Morg have to push wagon on boat.

Morg happy! Morg on boat! Boat lots of fun! Not have to walk! Humans and horses get fraid when Morg walk around on boat it move alot me think they fraid of water hehe. Human yell at Morg to sit still. So Morg sit on front of boat and watch land and water go by very nice!

Soon boat ride come to end. Morg get stuff ready to go to shore when Morg smell smoke! Lots of something burn up ahead. Kitty smell smoke too. Kitty not happy with Morg she not talk to him for days since she go for bath… she not stink anymore should thank Morg!

We stop boat on wrong side of river. Kitty want to go across and scout me think good idea so toss her across river. Human not think good idea but too late. Kitty come back and say Erlg on fire and big fight happening on docks! Human decide we get back on boat and go take a look and try and find someone that want green scarf.

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 2
Longest Day Ever!

Dis be longest day ever… Morg sit in ranger camp and wait for Human… and wait… and wait… and wait. It rain all day today… Morg still hate rain. Morg hate to wait. Morg think wait in rain is worst. Rangers all in tents, dry even Kitty fit in tent not fair! Morg remembers dry… socks not soggy, pants no stick to legs, water not go ping ping ping ping ping ping on armor… Morg need big tent…. if not for rain Morg could kill all the horses in camp and make tent but Morg cant have fire outside either says rangers…just sit under tree and wait for Human… wait…wait…wait…ping…ping…ping…Morg crotch itch! Damn armor in way… need stick…itch…Itch…Itch…AHHHH! Ping…wait…ping…wait…ping…wait….itch…wait…

Human woman finally call Morg to go into building and me think we finally going to leave dis place but all she talk about is pretty woman um man in da box. Human in meeting although he just stare at woman and listen like he not really there… Human not be his self since we get box back to camp. Him walk around with long stare not say much. Law and Hal stay in tents not come and visit Morg. Morg not vist Morg in rain either.

Woman tell us we waiting for black light to show up with some spear tip then waiting be over… oh how Morg hate to wait.. Human woman tell Morg to go back out of house and wait more in rain and Morg day dream about pulling off woman’s arms and legs, listening to her screams by the fire while wait for socks to dry… but instead Morg get up off dry floor put on soggy socks and boots and wave goodbye to fire and walk about out into rain to wait… hrm where Morg put dat stick…

Longest day ever…

Black Lantern Report#1
Submitted by Irimina Levinblades

Date: The 13th Day of Festival Moons

Our adepts are continuing interrogations and readings on the two detainees brought in by the former ‘Ranger Trainees’.

Belshevok, Necromancer: Associate of House Filikene of Shayanor (specifically Darkwatch)
Captain Lucretian Dinair: Self described Paladin of Archanon

Adept’s full report to be submitted to my attention by Festival Moons, 17th.

What we do know is that an agreement was negotiated between House Filikene and Prelacy of Camon for the later to provide safe passage through Camon territory and enemy lines of the Crimson Crusade to unearth an ‘ancient sarcophogus’ (also retrieved by ‘Ranger Trainees’). Captain Lucretian was to escort Necromancer and Shayakar guardsmen back to the Shaya’nor / Prelacy of Camon border.

Sarcophogus: Untampered when intercepted by trainees. Lantern Sage determined the sarcophogus dates back to the Age of Darkness when Shaya’nor ruled over the Southern Kingdoms. When opened, was determined that a ‘humanoid creature’ was occupying it in a form of magical stasis, leaving he body impenetrable. We have not ruled out that creature is a Vampire. Our sorcerers have not been able to unlock the secret to this ‘binding’.

The Body: Beautific and androgynous. Hard to determine if male or female. Appears to be of an age of ‘mid twenties’. Everyone that has viewed the ‘humanoid creature’ regardless of race or gender has felt an ‘amorous sensation’ when in its presence.

Darkwatch: Still no correspondance with the four Black Lantern agents stationed there for the past 6 months. Political shiftings have taken place in that city, a new “Dominus” (ie Governor) succeded in power grab. ‘Ranger Trainees’ now transferred to Black Lanterns.

Operation Spear Tip has been initiated.

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 1
Man in the box!

Today me follow Human, much like every day since Human take chains off Morg. It rain today, Morg not like rain, it leek down back and make pants and socks soggy.

Morg follow Human to big camp of Grey Cloak humans. They want to take Morg away from Human to just talk… Morg not believe them but Human say it ok. So Morg follow other humans into little house.

Morg sit on floor and ring out socks while human in dry robe stare at him. Morg think little human in dry robe upset that Morg try to dry socks in room but to hell with him… if i not have to go back into rain Morg take that robe from little human and get dry but … hrm little human ask questions of Morg…

How Morg come to meet rangers? (Little man frown when look at Morg. Him stare allot, not polite, make Morg uncomfortable.) Why Morg come with them after rescue? (Morg stare back at little man make him jump, HAH very funny.) Where do Morg come from? (Morg hang socks by fire, little human look annoyed) What i do before? (Wonder if human get upset if Morg cook some horse… got plenty to share! YUM!) Where does Morg come from? (Little human not want any horse. Morg wonder why he have to run out of room so fast? Eh Morg not care endless questions from little man over!)

Today Morg and Human go out on patrol. We meet new rangers not all human. Morg meet Kitty, she is nice Kitty not talk much to busy licking herself. Morg also meet archer with pointy ears he quiet too. He like to walk ahead of group. Human tell Morg not to watch him cause he being sneaky. Hrm who else Morg meet… der was another little human in robes his name Law, little human with pointy ears in robes his name Hal, oh and short ugly human with crossbow that smelled funny.

So we walk road for short time… Morg walk slow or humans not keep up. Sometimes Morg forget, Human throw rock at Morg. Fun game! Anyway we walk long time… suddenly Kitty and Archer all excited come back to Morg and tell Human that their are wagons in trees and boxes on road. We walk over and look at ambush. Den we follow Kitty and Archer to wagon in trees. A few bodies of humans in wagon all dead. Kitty and Archer say they can track dos dat ambush cart and Human says we go get them! So we do.

Not far from wagon we sees spooky human in robes doing magic on box they take from ground. Big human in shiny armor on horse and lots of soldiers around. Archer sneak up shoot soldier, kill him! Big human on horse see Archer and ride him down. Morg run to save Archer and Kitty come out of nowhere and make scratches on big human’s shiny armor.

Morg get poked by big human sword it not hurt, HAH! Funny! Morg kill big human’s horse for hurting Archer, knock big human down on ground. Morg continue to beat big human on ground while others fight soldiers. Then Morg’s friend Human enter fight! Human run in and kill three pale pointy eared soldiers in one move!!! Morg cheer for Human! Then Morg go back to beating down big human. HAH! very fun! Have to becarful not hurt Kitty, she get too close to Morg sometime and then she ruin Morg fun! Morg knock helm loose on big human and Kitty tear his face off… oh how him scream. Bad Kitty!

Human kill last of pale pointy ears then takes bad human in robes prisoner. Humans in robes for our side pretty good in scrap kill rest of soldiers, Morg surprised, figure me have to carry them back to ranger camp in bag! Morg look around, no more fighting. Morg not let horse go to waste, carve up and put in bag.

Kitty and Archer and Morg go back and get wagon with short ugly human and we put box and prisoner in it. We go back to ranger camp. It start to rain on way back to ranger camp Morg hates rain. Morg see Kitty not like rain much always shaking rain out of fur. HAH! Funny!

Back in ranger camp, little human in robes talk to us again! Ask all about patrol. (Morg not like little human in robes he talk to much ask too many question.) Then tell us that only short ugly human good enough to be a ranger. Morg upset with little man. Him not see fight, short ugly man not get into fight until end! Him slow and not even hurt anything why him get in rangers?

Then Morg think this good, Human and Morg go somewhere else where not rain so much, let grey rangers sit in rain. After short ugly human get cloak and leave little human come back and tell us we have to stay and be black lights. Morg want say NO, but Human seem excited so Morg be quiet. Now Morg on road again follow Human and others North. Morg now Morg the Black. Morg think Morg the Black will get along with new black lights, especially Kitty. She not like rain even more then Morg! HAH! Funny!

Inaugural Adventure - Recruitment
I want to be a Greywatch Ranger....

Rick Brill – “Human”
Toni Brill – “Kitty”
Tony Scalise – Morg the Black “The Ogre”
Rich Brown – the Nice human
Ruben Riveria – the one shot dwarf
Josh Elliott – Halcyne Ombredawn
Shane – The sharpshooter

I’m sure that once the slackers accept the site invitation and get their characters uploaded epithets wont be needed.

We began the adventure with a bit of character introductions as we were being interviewed for the Grey Rangers, we witnessed a few people getting drug off as potential infiltrators (according to psychics), we heard some scuttlebutt about some infiltrators making it in to the grey rangers and wrecking some havoc.

We also learned a lot about the general region, the recent wars and battles ruining most of the surrounding lands and making foodstuffs particularly hard to come by, except the town we were currently in had a large number of livestock so were likely to be able to weather the seasons.

We made it through the inital interviews and were given a simple mission to travel on patrol to a nearby settlement and then come back, keeping an eye out for anything out of the normal.

Our characters just assumed nothing untoward would happen to us (the players knew better).

We hit up the quartermaster for a few things and set out.

About halfway there, we came across some smashed crates in the roadway and a trail into the woods where a wagon was pushed off into the woods, we followed the wagon trail until it split off. the north set of tracks led to the wagon being hidden not far away the guards killed and stripped of uniforms.

We followed the other tracks to the south where we found an obvious necromancer working in collusion with crimson paladin and a smattering of shadakar(sp?) minions, they had dug up a coffin and the necromancer was starting to do some serious death magic to it.

We did some fighting to drive back the minions of darkness and flame (and Joe I think was seriously disappointed by how his enemies fared) and took the coffin back to the Rangers HQ.

Officially the only of us that made it into the grey rangers was the dwarf, the rest of us were deemed unacceptable… officially.

off the books the remainder of us were inducted into the black lanterns and tasked to take the coffin and the body in stasis that it contained back to where the necromancer was taking it, completing his mission but embarking on a mission of infiltration and sabotage.

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