Irimina Levinblades (NPC)

Black Lantern Contact


Irimina Levinblades has an air of mystery even in the Black Lantern standards. She is pale of skin and slightly resembles a Shayakar as if ‘possibly’ there is that blood flowing in her veins. She is a ‘floater’ in terms of assisting and applying her expertise on all things ’Shaya’nor’, providing intel to various Black Lantern and Grey Ranger posts.

She never discusses how she knows so much about the innerworkings of Shaya’nor but it has been rumored she has relatives affiliated with one of its great houses.

It is also rumored that the Nightguard are intending on collecting a dead or alive bounty on Irimina’s head. Who declared the bounty is a mystery.


Irimina Levinblades (NPC)

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