Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 1

Man in the box!

Today me follow Human, much like every day since Human take chains off Morg. It rain today, Morg not like rain, it leek down back and make pants and socks soggy.

Morg follow Human to big camp of Grey Cloak humans. They want to take Morg away from Human to just talk… Morg not believe them but Human say it ok. So Morg follow other humans into little house.

Morg sit on floor and ring out socks while human in dry robe stare at him. Morg think little human in dry robe upset that Morg try to dry socks in room but to hell with him… if i not have to go back into rain Morg take that robe from little human and get dry but … hrm little human ask questions of Morg…

How Morg come to meet rangers? (Little man frown when look at Morg. Him stare allot, not polite, make Morg uncomfortable.) Why Morg come with them after rescue? (Morg stare back at little man make him jump, HAH very funny.) Where do Morg come from? (Morg hang socks by fire, little human look annoyed) What i do before? (Wonder if human get upset if Morg cook some horse… got plenty to share! YUM!) Where does Morg come from? (Little human not want any horse. Morg wonder why he have to run out of room so fast? Eh Morg not care endless questions from little man over!)

Today Morg and Human go out on patrol. We meet new rangers not all human. Morg meet Kitty, she is nice Kitty not talk much to busy licking herself. Morg also meet archer with pointy ears he quiet too. He like to walk ahead of group. Human tell Morg not to watch him cause he being sneaky. Hrm who else Morg meet… der was another little human in robes his name Law, little human with pointy ears in robes his name Hal, oh and short ugly human with crossbow that smelled funny.

So we walk road for short time… Morg walk slow or humans not keep up. Sometimes Morg forget, Human throw rock at Morg. Fun game! Anyway we walk long time… suddenly Kitty and Archer all excited come back to Morg and tell Human that their are wagons in trees and boxes on road. We walk over and look at ambush. Den we follow Kitty and Archer to wagon in trees. A few bodies of humans in wagon all dead. Kitty and Archer say they can track dos dat ambush cart and Human says we go get them! So we do.

Not far from wagon we sees spooky human in robes doing magic on box they take from ground. Big human in shiny armor on horse and lots of soldiers around. Archer sneak up shoot soldier, kill him! Big human on horse see Archer and ride him down. Morg run to save Archer and Kitty come out of nowhere and make scratches on big human’s shiny armor.

Morg get poked by big human sword it not hurt, HAH! Funny! Morg kill big human’s horse for hurting Archer, knock big human down on ground. Morg continue to beat big human on ground while others fight soldiers. Then Morg’s friend Human enter fight! Human run in and kill three pale pointy eared soldiers in one move!!! Morg cheer for Human! Then Morg go back to beating down big human. HAH! very fun! Have to becarful not hurt Kitty, she get too close to Morg sometime and then she ruin Morg fun! Morg knock helm loose on big human and Kitty tear his face off… oh how him scream. Bad Kitty!

Human kill last of pale pointy ears then takes bad human in robes prisoner. Humans in robes for our side pretty good in scrap kill rest of soldiers, Morg surprised, figure me have to carry them back to ranger camp in bag! Morg look around, no more fighting. Morg not let horse go to waste, carve up and put in bag.

Kitty and Archer and Morg go back and get wagon with short ugly human and we put box and prisoner in it. We go back to ranger camp. It start to rain on way back to ranger camp Morg hates rain. Morg see Kitty not like rain much always shaking rain out of fur. HAH! Funny!

Back in ranger camp, little human in robes talk to us again! Ask all about patrol. (Morg not like little human in robes he talk to much ask too many question.) Then tell us that only short ugly human good enough to be a ranger. Morg upset with little man. Him not see fight, short ugly man not get into fight until end! Him slow and not even hurt anything why him get in rangers?

Then Morg think this good, Human and Morg go somewhere else where not rain so much, let grey rangers sit in rain. After short ugly human get cloak and leave little human come back and tell us we have to stay and be black lights. Morg want say NO, but Human seem excited so Morg be quiet. Now Morg on road again follow Human and others North. Morg now Morg the Black. Morg think Morg the Black will get along with new black lights, especially Kitty. She not like rain even more then Morg! HAH! Funny!



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