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Morg the Black's Journal: Week 5

The things that come out of other peoples mouths!

Been long time me not write in book, so me write today. Lot of stuff happen since me last write. We win big fight at Docks then go far north to Bloodhold in Shayn’naor. We go to inn of headless horse to meet other black light so he can tell us what orders are. Morg depressed on long trip it rain allot make Morg unhappy.

When we get to Bloodhold Morg cant go in building it too small. So Morg stay in stables. All horses in there still have heads so that is good. Human and others go into inn and meet black light singer and get orders from him. They come out to stables and talk to Morg say we have to kills people from other land coming here and then claim their property.

Morg want to know more about people we suppose to kill. What if they good people. Human assure Morg that they not good. Morg believe human but then they start talking about what we do with their kids. Morg put foot down! Morg not kill kids, not like idea that we kill kids parents either. Morg think we can reason with parents get them to surrender maybe turn over to black lights. Company agree we try that and Morg a bit happier.

Few days later Morg and Kitty go find ambush spot and set trees to fall on road to stop horses. Kitty pick out trees and Morg break them… Kitty fun to travel with she talk allot but at night Morg wish she stop making mess at camp, sound like choking horse and mess smell bad! Have to move camp every night. Ogre have saying: No shit where sleep. But this come out of Kitty mouth, hrm never seen kitty shit out of backside maybe kitty shit out of mouth? Poor Kitty! Me tell her Ogre saying next time we make camp.

Day go by and we make plan then wait for rest to join us. We camp for day and Human come back with Can and tell us they have dinner with family and they come this way soon. Morg think it good manners to have last meal with victim. Human has much honor!

Hours later we see big coach with wagons behind it coming up road. Human say dis them! We waits until just before at tree then BLAM! Tree drop in front of road! Horses rear up and Morg step out of woods and say: Dis is a robbery step out of coach and throw weapons on ground. Of course they not listen to Morg so me go and kill three guards while Human and Kitty play with the others.

Unfortunatly parents not listen and not impressed with Morg smashing their guards and they come out with weapons and attack. Man in funny purple pants cast spell at Morg make me feel weird so me smash him next. No sign of kids they hide in wagon. Morg fight their father for little while try and show him dat him cant win but he is stubborn. Morg call for surrender and him keep hacking away at Morg. Morg not happy dis not go way Morg want it too.

Morg glance over at Can for help and have to laugh as woman is chasing him around with dagger. Can look very afraid with wild noble woman running behind him with little knife! Can see Morg chuckle and him turn around with bad look on face and suddenly woman fall down with blood come out of ears! Morg know she dead and it hurt Morg. Morg turn back to father and ask one more time but him is mad that wife is dead and Morg knows he has to kill him now too.

Morg not well. Feel like Morg do bad thing. We bury dem all in grave off side of the road. While human talk to slave girl. Slave girl smile allot at human, Morg thing she like Human. While Morg bury bodies Human come talk to Morg and say him and Can going to go to town with others to get papers worked out, figure out what to do with slaves and kids and new identities. Human leave Kitty and Morg behind with kids and slaves until him send for us.

Have kids, slaves and wagons. We move off road and make camp. Morg feel little better today. People we kill were slavers, slavers are bad people. One ex slave is large Ogre. Morg talk to him and he want to join up with Morg. Morg talk to him about taking rest of ex slaves and kids to Trollkeep. Black Lights have base there and many Goblinoids call it home. Morg not talk about black lights tho yet. Will let human do that. Going to be long wait me thinks, Human take ex slave girl with him and she now his pretend wife… she not look like it pretend though.

Ah well nothing to do but wait… hope Kitty not scare kids too much tonight… wonder if any other peoples crap out of mouth?



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