Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 4

Massacre on Erlg's docks!!!

When Kitty come back to boat and tells us what she see up at Erlg, Human decide that we go up river and dock boat and try and help the gatherers of Erlg. So as boat comes up to dock we sees many hobgoblins (Orcs effected by Darkness! You would think we call them Hoborc but no…) being lead by big Hobgoblin chieftain me recognize as Urzunagra of Heart Fang Clan from the Irdok Shadow Gatherers. He very powerful warrior! Dis not good they come for raid here. Try to take others away to darkness Morg decide dat Urzunagra must die!

Morg jump off boat and charge up da river bank at Urzunagra! Hobgoblin get in way so Morg smash it! HAHAHA! Kitty very agile and run down oar to river bank and fight hobgoblins while Can, Hal and Law jump off boat and cast spells at Chieftain and hogoblins! Fight very messy lots of hobgoblins come with Urzunagra to fight Erlg! Many members of Elrg gatherers hurt or dead but they fight with us! Morg and Urzunagra fight in center and while Urzunagra powerful Chieftain, Morg not think him as tough as Morg! Morg think fight pretty even but too many hobgoblin start to get through Morg’s defenses! Morg Hurt bad and spells not hurt Urzunagra when finally Kitty stop playing with hobgoblin and kill it and come up behind Morg and let out loud screech! Hurt everyone ears!!! Fight stop everyone stare at kitty… then Hal cast spell on Morg and suddenly Morg feel better so me smash Urzunagra in face with mace! HAHAHA!

Fight start again and then out of da boat leaps HUMAN!!! um Morg mean Strey!!! (Where the hell him been??) Human run up bank and flank Chieftain with Kitty and Human stab Chieften in chest and him fall to his knees dead! When Chieftain die Hobgoblins run but many die! Morg and human save Erlg!!! Human then pull out lady’s green scarf and other human come over and they talk for a bit. We then go talk to Erlg Chieftain and get directions to next city Bloodhold. Not been there before human learn that we need go to Inn called Headless Unicorn. Once we go in we get to listen to bard sing two songs then walk up to him say nothing put special coin with arrow on it on floor with arrow pointing at exit.

Not sure what gonna happen then… but cant wait to find out!



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