Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Morg the Black's Journal: Week 3

Hey Sailor, Wanna buy a green scarf?

Finally we leave! Me say Gos’hitaal to etcher’s knot the foul city of rain. Lady give us big wagon and horses. Why Morg not get horse, not seem fair Morg have to walk all da time…Morg no get tent, have to sit under tarp cause no fit in tent…Morg not get to carry green scarf from pretty lady…everyone get to do what they want but Morg.

Box with pretty woman um… man inside big wagon with lots of crates. Many crates empty some have weapons. As we go to river city Rhion, Hal keep going out into woods and gather stink weed to put in crates, Morg like idea make wagon smell bad no one want look inside!

Morg feel bad for Kitty, Morg not meant for her to land on nose when she try read over Morg shoulder. Kitty go in back of wagon and roll around in stink weed get it all over da place. Her smell bad kitty now. She need bath when we get to river.

Morg not sure why we not take pretty man out of box and smash into little pieces and feed to fishes. Him not come back from dat. Maybe make fish sick? Morg not know. Seem like better plan then go up river and wave lady’s scarf around town until someone talk to us.

It smell like lady and is green… human carry it with him. Morg not been to Erlg before hear it nice place, have good spot on river for fish and drink. Morg like fish and drink, like boat too.

We travel west for days on road and come across farmer. Farmer tell us lies about people disappear and much smoke and fire from raids from north. Human deside we not help farmer we have important things to do not fall for farmer’s lies.

Always humans lie about goblinesh. Says we bad…they point at me and say why you got that thing with you. Humans always not happy to see Morg unless Morg have chains or fight in pit. They afraid of Morg and Morg not do anything. Human have fun plan! Have Morg tell next human we meet i gonna eat him see if him speak Goblinish. Not sure what Morg do after that… If he does i guess Morg gota eat him?

More Morg meet humans more Morg not like humans. Morg think they bad ones but Human good and rangers good too so maybe Morg wrong. Today we get to Rhion city on river and go right to boats. Human named Can do talking with boat man. Once again boat man point at Morg and talk bad about goblinish. But Morg be quiet and soon Morg have to push wagon on boat.

Morg happy! Morg on boat! Boat lots of fun! Not have to walk! Humans and horses get fraid when Morg walk around on boat it move alot me think they fraid of water hehe. Human yell at Morg to sit still. So Morg sit on front of boat and watch land and water go by very nice!

Soon boat ride come to end. Morg get stuff ready to go to shore when Morg smell smoke! Lots of something burn up ahead. Kitty smell smoke too. Kitty not happy with Morg she not talk to him for days since she go for bath… she not stink anymore should thank Morg!

We stop boat on wrong side of river. Kitty want to go across and scout me think good idea so toss her across river. Human not think good idea but too late. Kitty come back and say Erlg on fire and big fight happening on docks! Human decide we get back on boat and go take a look and try and find someone that want green scarf.



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