Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Inaugural Adventure - Recruitment

I want to be a Greywatch Ranger....

Rick Brill – “Human”
Toni Brill – “Kitty”
Tony Scalise – Morg the Black “The Ogre”
Rich Brown – the Nice human
Ruben Riveria – the one shot dwarf
Josh Elliott – Halcyne Ombredawn
Shane – The sharpshooter

I’m sure that once the slackers accept the site invitation and get their characters uploaded epithets wont be needed.

We began the adventure with a bit of character introductions as we were being interviewed for the Grey Rangers, we witnessed a few people getting drug off as potential infiltrators (according to psychics), we heard some scuttlebutt about some infiltrators making it in to the grey rangers and wrecking some havoc.

We also learned a lot about the general region, the recent wars and battles ruining most of the surrounding lands and making foodstuffs particularly hard to come by, except the town we were currently in had a large number of livestock so were likely to be able to weather the seasons.

We made it through the inital interviews and were given a simple mission to travel on patrol to a nearby settlement and then come back, keeping an eye out for anything out of the normal.

Our characters just assumed nothing untoward would happen to us (the players knew better).

We hit up the quartermaster for a few things and set out.

About halfway there, we came across some smashed crates in the roadway and a trail into the woods where a wagon was pushed off into the woods, we followed the wagon trail until it split off. the north set of tracks led to the wagon being hidden not far away the guards killed and stripped of uniforms.

We followed the other tracks to the south where we found an obvious necromancer working in collusion with crimson paladin and a smattering of shadakar(sp?) minions, they had dug up a coffin and the necromancer was starting to do some serious death magic to it.

We did some fighting to drive back the minions of darkness and flame (and Joe I think was seriously disappointed by how his enemies fared) and took the coffin back to the Rangers HQ.

Officially the only of us that made it into the grey rangers was the dwarf, the rest of us were deemed unacceptable… officially.

off the books the remainder of us were inducted into the black lanterns and tasked to take the coffin and the body in stasis that it contained back to where the necromancer was taking it, completing his mission but embarking on a mission of infiltration and sabotage.



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