Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Darkwatch

Black Lantern Report#1

Submitted by Irimina Levinblades

Date: The 13th Day of Festival Moons

Our adepts are continuing interrogations and readings on the two detainees brought in by the former ‘Ranger Trainees’.

Belshevok, Necromancer: Associate of House Filikene of Shayanor (specifically Darkwatch)
Captain Lucretian Dinair: Self described Paladin of Archanon

Adept’s full report to be submitted to my attention by Festival Moons, 17th.

What we do know is that an agreement was negotiated between House Filikene and Prelacy of Camon for the later to provide safe passage through Camon territory and enemy lines of the Crimson Crusade to unearth an ‘ancient sarcophogus’ (also retrieved by ‘Ranger Trainees’). Captain Lucretian was to escort Necromancer and Shayakar guardsmen back to the Shaya’nor / Prelacy of Camon border.

Sarcophogus: Untampered when intercepted by trainees. Lantern Sage determined the sarcophogus dates back to the Age of Darkness when Shaya’nor ruled over the Southern Kingdoms. When opened, was determined that a ‘humanoid creature’ was occupying it in a form of magical stasis, leaving he body impenetrable. We have not ruled out that creature is a Vampire. Our sorcerers have not been able to unlock the secret to this ‘binding’.

The Body: Beautific and androgynous. Hard to determine if male or female. Appears to be of an age of ‘mid twenties’. Everyone that has viewed the ‘humanoid creature’ regardless of race or gender has felt an ‘amorous sensation’ when in its presence.

Darkwatch: Still no correspondance with the four Black Lantern agents stationed there for the past 6 months. Political shiftings have taken place in that city, a new “Dominus” (ie Governor) succeded in power grab. ‘Ranger Trainees’ now transferred to Black Lanterns.

Operation Spear Tip has been initiated.



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